BrumLETS: More Information

A Local Exchange and Trading Scheme (LETS) is a non-profit making club where people (as individuals and in organisations) trade goods and services using a "local currency". So, in BrumLETS, you 'pay' for services and goods (like gardening, home-made food or babysitting) using Hearts, and the system keeps track of payments.

Our currency 'Hearts' is created as needed, so there are no debts, loans or interest payments. You can get work done even if you're short of cash, and you can use your skills to improve your community. In BrumLETS, you can offer or get gardening, home-made food, baby-sitting, alternative therapy, second-hand furniture and services you just can't get elsewhere - without cash!

BrumLETS was formed in March 2005 by combining North and South Birmingham LETS. We have members from all across the city and beyond and we serve as a support network for the West Midlands. Our unit of currency is the Heart (Birmingham being the "Heart of England"). More information is in the Further Information page. See also the Members Agreement.

BrumLETS used to be paper-based using cheques which were cleared by the administrator, but is now run by means of an online system. Everything you need to know about Offers and Wants, contacting other members and making transactions is managed via this website. If you want to print out any of the pages you can - some have a printer-friendly view tab at the foot of the page. If you would like to give it a try please complete the Application Form.

Once you have joined, if you need support in managing your account, please call LETSlink - this is a national number, until we have organised a local number: 020 7607 7852

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